Read all about the importance of having an effective visual merchandising display strategy and discover the best strategies you can use!

An effective merchandising display strategy will boost the customer’s need and desire for the product on the window display. For that reason, it is really important the need of the potential customer to be the main focus in the strategy.

Every successful retail store has these 3 components: a tidy store, a well-organized product display, and professional associates. It is proven that an effective display strategy can result in increased customer flow which automatically means increased sales and profit.

One of the best strategies for applying an effective display is to group your products. According to a research, when products are grouped together, they make the buying decision and the shopping process easy for potential clients. When adding the products in a group it is best if they are in relation to their size, color, price, and class.

If you decide to present the products individually, then you need to improve the impact through a creative use of mannequins, lighting, and other display props or fixtures.

How to implement a good display strategy?

  • When planning the resources and the display space it is important to take your target audience into consideration.
  • Make sure the window display is always well-organized and neat. A clean and tidy window display will attract customer’s attention and entice the customer to buy your products.
  • Don’t over complicate the window display. Instead, you need to make sure the display conveys an unambiguous and clear message about your business, brand, and the products you are selling. Remember, simplicity is the key!
  • Create a contextual window display by combining similar products together. By doing so, you will make the shopping experience easier and more convenient for your customers.
  • Present small products notably with the proper use of lighting in order to make them easily visible and accessible to prospects.
  • Make sure display color, size, fixtures, and backgrounds complement each other. Also, the theme of the window display must be expressed through the use of a suitable color combination, background, and fixtures.
  • Improve the presentation of certain products by putting them on hangers, pedestals, and hooks.

You need to be as creative as possible to attract the attention of your customers! You need to find a way to convince the customer to enter your store and to purchase your products!